Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Unspeakable Peace

What unspeakable peace?  Is it a walk in the woods listening to the birds sing?  Is it the stereotypical idea of peace and quiet that people understand?  I always thought (when I was a kid) that the religious idea of peace sounded boring.  What could be more boring that perfect peace I thought.  I disagree that perfect peace is boring yet how to get that across using words and language just doesn't work.  Even calling it peace falls completely short.  Anyway, most people who bother to read this won't have a clue what I'm on about.

Unspeakable Peace (blue) A4, blue pencil (2018)

Unspeakable peace, graphite pencil drawing, A4 (2018)

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The Old Railway 1994

I have decided to return to an old theme I explored 7 years ago.  This theme was based on the old railway in West Didsbury, Manchester that had been disused since the late 1960s.  There were still remnants of the platform and where the tracks had been however it had become over run by nature with trees growing everywhere, fly tipped rubbish including armchairs and sofas and drug users needles lying around and about, particularly under the railway bridge.  We visited the old railway a few times in January and February 1994 and for me it was an escape from college to let my mind wander.  I have had an interesting relationship with art over the years, from wanting a career as an illustrator when I was a kid to hating almost every minute of art college.  Here I am now working as an artist in my own way.  My gran passed away a month after our last visit to the old railway so it's poignant from that point of view as well.

The old railway is now history.  It is a busy Metrolink station so all the trees, users needles lying around and old platforms are gone.  West Didsbury is a very different place to the one in 1994.

The Old Railway 1994, pen drawing, A2 (2018)

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Movement Downwards

I've spent the last few weeks attempting to create a painting that I can see in my mind yet at current I cannot get across very well on canvas.  I think I will return to this idea at a later date.  I have decided to paint over what I have done so far and turn it into another idea I've had in my mind.  I think this will be much more successful, but I'll assess that next month when it is finished. 

After giving up on the above painting (for the present) I decided to continue with the 'Movement Downwards' theme that I have been working on since September.  My latest painting in this theme is maybe more bold in colour to make it noticeable.  I think later in the year I might try this theme in a variety of colour schemes.  Might be interesting to see them altogether!

Movement Downwards, oil painting on canvas with swarovski gems 100cm x 100cm (2018)

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Absence Of Suffering

I've been working for a while on the theme of movement downwards and there is still much more work to come under this theme.  My next painting will in fact belong to this theme.  This painting however belongs to the theme of absence of suffering.  Some may say that this refers to the Buddhist teachings about suffering and samsara (cycle of life and rebirth).  It doesn't actually relate to this concept of learning about suffering through many lives until one is freed from the cycle of life in order to achieve Nivana and extinction which is the ultimate release from suffering.  If anyone were to read that concept into this work that is fine for them, but absence of suffering for me is another way of trying to explain the concept of unspeakable pure peace.  There are peaceful moments in life such as sitting in a park in the sunshine or spending time reading or enjoying scenes from nature etc.  These 'peaceful' moments are always transient and never last.  They aren't absolute perfect peace.  Some people would say that pure peace doesn't exist and I would agree.  It doesn't exist in world.  I suppose true peace or peacefulness is an absence of suffering.

Absence Of Suffering, oil painting on canvas 61cm x 91cm (2018)

Monday, 1 January 2018

Movement downwards 5

The first post of 2018 continues with the theme of movement downwards.  Here is another painting based on this theme.  When I think about 2017 I see it as the worst and best of years.  Worst for obvious reasons, but best for experiencing something that completely changed my perspective on life and death.  I've still got quite a few paintings left to do that continue this theme in various ways before I move on to the next project based on the theme of 'absence of suffering'.

Movement downwards 5, ink and oil paint on canvas 91cm x 61cm (2017)

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Movement Downwards (Gift)

Here is the second painting based on the theme of movement downwards.  I've used about 200 diamante rhinestones however I would have to use a different camera/light to get them to show up in the pictures that are taken of these paintings.  I think I've captured the movement downwards in the way that I was wanting which is a surprise because I didn't think it was possible to capture the style of movement that I have being trying to portray.  I've decided that this painting should be called Movement Downwards (Gift) because the inspiration behind this theme of work is just that, a gift off someone very close.  It cost no money but has been the best gift I've ever had (better than winning all lotteries combined forever).  I think about gifts as well because of the time of year.  My husband came home from the shops a few days ago and told me how people were fighting (elbowing each other and getting irate) over a pile of half price Christmas crackers at Waitrose supermarket.  I thought about it and could see them in my mind getting upset and arguing with strangers over a pack of half price Christmas crackers.  I think that a huge proportion of the populace has lost its mind in general anyway, but fighting over half price crackers is basically crackers!  Maybe if people took a step back and looked at the world around them properly they might get over themselves for a minute.  I can only hope during this season of 'Peace and goodwill'.

Movement Downwards (Gift), oil on canvas 91x61cm.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Movement Downwards Painting

I've finally finished my assessment work for the time being and have some time to put some paintings together based on my latest project 'Movement Downwards'.  I have about 20 A4 mainly pen drawings based upon this theme.  I have so many ideas to explore within this project before I develop it further into a sub project which will be based on 'Absence Of Suffering'.  I'm not completely sure how I will approach the sub project but hopefully my work on Movement Downwards will help towards the next project. 

This painting is the first of quite a few that will be produced over the next few months.  I have glued tiny diamante gems onto parts of the painting however in order to see them properly you would have to view the painting in real life.  I put them on the painting to help with the sense of movement downwards that is in the painting.

Movement Downwards, painting 1, A2 oil on canvas (2017)